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Canyoning Level 2

The most complete online canyoning training resource. Learn essential rigging and rescue skills to lead canyoning descents safely. For all levels. 


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Canyoning L1 (free)

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Estimate Duration

4 weeks


US$ 250

About Canyoning Level 2

Feel confident and independent in the canyon.

The Canyoning Level 2 course is THE resource for those who wish to learn all aspects of the canyoning activity and establish a personal practice based on safety and efficiency. The course covers a complete spectrum of canyoning techniques including rigging set-ups, whitewater progression and rescue.
Throughout this course you will learn:

  • Pre-descent preparation including basic meteorology, geology, equipment selection and organization
  • Contemporary rope rigging techniques selected from the most established worldwide schools
  • Whitewater progression techniques to increase your awareness and abilities
  • Team dynamics and optimization of progression.
  • Essential personal and team rescue maneuvres.
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Your Mentors

We have a team of mentors made up of professional canyoning instructors from around the world, all of who  share their expertise and knowledge to help you become a better canyoneer.

George Yates

Scotland, UK

Andrew Humphreys

Seattle, USA

Gus Schiavon

Curitiba, Brazil

Ben Case

Scotland, UK

Panos Papakostas

Luzern, Switzerland

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