L2 Module

Canyoning Rescue

In this canyoning rescue module you will learn the theory behind rope and water rescue in the canyon. We look at rescue hierarchy and prevention so you understand and assess the risks for yourself, your team and the victim if you have to perform a rescue. This module also covers a range of basic to intermediate canyoning rescue techniques for both rope and water all covered in video and e-book lessons.


Skill Level



L2 Personal Equipment & Safety

Difficulty Level



2 days



What you are going to learn

Be ready for an emergency.

The rope rescue section of this module covers the most basic canyoning rescue scenarios starting with personal, then into indirect rescue techniques such as ‘releasing a victim’. You will then learn some basic canyoning direct rescue techniques and some more complex indirect rescue such as ‘rope cutting’.

The water section presents the theory and principles of canyoning swiftwater rescue along with self rescue, indirect and basic direct rescue techniques. Canyoning water rescue can often be high risk and time-critical, so it's very important you understand the risks and techniques to keep you and a potential victim safe.
This module covers the following topics:

  • Basic canyoning rescue scenarios
  • Indirect rescue techniques
  • Rope cutting
  • Swiftwater rescue concepts & risk assessment

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