L2 Module

Swiftwater Canyoning

In this swiftwater canyoning module you will learn all the skills and techniques to keep you safe in a moderate risk canyon. This module combines elements from other modules to specifically cover swiftwater canyoning.


Skill Level



Canyoning L1

Difficulty Level



2 days



What you are going to learn

Moving water? No problem.

In this module we look at the theory of swiftwater, understanding features and the basic principles of moving around in swiftwater. From ferry swimming to river crossing, equipment management to duck diving this module encompasses all the elements you will need to be efficient and safe in a swiftwater canyon environment.
Throughout this course you will learn basic concepts such as:

  • Water self rescue
  • Identifying water movements and their risks
  • Rescuing a team mate in the water
  • Equipment management in moving water

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